How to Care for a Pig as a Pet

When you think of house pets, the first animals that come to mind are cats and dogs. However, tons of people today are realizing how great and valuable pigs can be to take on that role to fill in the pet void. Pigs are not just farm animals that live in a barn and roll around in mud all day. These immensely affectionate animals can bring so much joy in a home and are worth considering having around at a pet.

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If you have already decided that you want to have a pig as a pet, then that is great! Now you just need to prepare and know how to care for them so they can have a happy and healthy life with you.

Food and Water 

Pigs may eat just about anything, but give them healthy options for a well-balanced diet. Commercially made pig food is a good option, along with fruits and vegetables. For a tad more fiber, you can feed them alfalfa hay. The amount you feed them depends on their size, so make sure to talk to your vet to know what you should be offering. Furthermore, freshwater should be available for them at all times.

Pig Proof Your Home

Make sure that any harmful or breakable things in your home are out of reach for your pig. Putting up childproof locks and gates are also ideal. Also establish a designated area inside (with a cozy bed space) and outside for your pig to roam around. Even if you let them go all around your home, them being able to have a “home-based” will make them feel much more comfortable. As a tip, when picking a spot outside, make sure it is an area that you will not mind having dug up holes and upturned earth.

Mental and Physical Exercising 

Pigs need exercise, both mentally and physically. Keep them busy and teach them new things often to allow them to grow their intelligence. A thing to note is that bored pigs can get destructive as well. Give them plenty of toys and attention to keep them stimulated. 

As for physical exercise, that is just as important. You will need to give them the ability to run and play outside to get out their energy and stay active. Another alternative to physical exercise is going for walks with your pig, which is something you both can enjoy doing together.

Establish a Litter Box Procedures

Pigs actually potty train very easily, but may require a bit of patience on your part. They like having a designated spot both inside and outside to do their business, so establishing that should be one of your top priorities. For indoors, lay an open tray lined with several layers of newspaper or use a standard litter box.  

Let Them Wallow in Mud

Though pigs generally are clean animals despite their stigma, they do like to wallow in mud from time to time. Allow them to get dirty once in a while so they can regulate their body temperature on hot days. You can create a mud spot if you wish by picking a place in your yard to hose down a few times a day. Or, if you want to be fancy, you can make a mud area out of wood and other edging materials. 


A pig can be an incredible pet and an excellent addition to a home. Pigs are highly intelligent, curious, and loving animals. As you can see, there is a significant amount of care work that goes into owning a pig. It will undoubtedly be both a monetizing and time investment, but entirely worth it when you get to come home to a happy welcoming pig every day.