Factors That Determine Invisalign Price

Invisalign is a type of braces that utilize tray aligners. These are made up of plastic. These braces are the solid type of plastic and are powerful to put force on particular parts of your teeth and it helps to get them in shape. To purchase an Invisalign, you must have a consultation with the dentist. They observe your smile, overall teeth health, and note down the impressions of your mouth. After that Invisalign will create their unique aligners that fit your mouth. Your dentist makes a treatment strategy and helps you to give the desired result.

Invisalign utilizes a series of aligner trays and they are changed once in two weeks. Every replaced tray will be different as the main of the tray is to shift and move your teeth to correct shape. You are recommended to wear them for around 20-22 hours a day to observe the results. Moreover, you can easily remove them while eating, brushing or on special occasions. They are just solid plastic; they are just braces and no retainers. These braces help in moving your teeth to give shape to mouth and jaw whereas retainers help in holding the teeth in a particular place.

Factors determining Invisalign Cost

Various factors are responsible for the price of Invisalign in the USA. Major factors that determine its price are the period of the treatment and the number of braces used in moving your teeth to an ideal position.

Other factors that determine the cost are as follows:


The cost of your Invisalign treatment that will be secured by your insurance agency will rely upon your dental arrangement in specific cases; Invisalign probably won’t be there in insurance coverage if your insurance agency orders it as another or trial treatment.

Invisalign is moderately new in orthodontics, however, it is generally utilized in the USA, so there is a low likelihood that your insurance plan won’t cover your treatment. It will be expected of you to counsel your insurance supplier to make certain about it before you initiate your treatment.

Payment methods

Most of the Oklahoma City orthodontists provide various types of payment methods to make your treatment affordable. If according to you Invisalign treatment is a bit costly, talk to your dentist regarding payment method that is appropriate for you. Many individuals who utilize Invisalign can afford it as they have various types of payment options available. This enables them to pay in installments during their treatment time instead of paying in one go. Also getting Invisalign braces is a good choice in getting a perfect smile. You should not be scared of the cost. Also don’t feel discouraged from Invisalign treatment as it can help you to get a perfect smile.

Various factors determine the cost of Invisalign. These are:

  • Your oral health requirements.
  • How much work should be done on your teeth?
  • Time taken by the dentist to investigate.
  • How much the insurance would cover?

The cost of treatment is around $3000 to $7000. And the insurance company qualifies $3000. These costs depend on your case. Crooked teeth will take more time to move the teeth to their particular position.