Everything About Vertigo Chiropractic Manipulation

Vertigo is often related to nausea, hearing loss, vomiting, malaise, tinnitus, etc. Any kind of trauma to the back or neck is one of the primary causes of vertigo. It can be also caused by infection of the inner ear.

Though vertigo is more prevalent in elderly patients, it can also affect young members of both the gender alike. It is, however, not a disease or a disorder. It is just a way of your body communicating that something is internally wrong.

What is Vertigo Chiropractic Manipulation?

The term ‘Chiropractic’ comes from two Greek words: ‘cheir’ (meaning ‘hands’) and ‘praktos’ (meaning ‘done’). It thus means, ‘hands-on practical therapy’. Vertigo Chiropractic Manipulation involves the application of controlled and regulated force or pressure to the patient’s spine or other joints.

The force is applied by qualified and trained chiropractors using either their hands or small devices. The pressure results in proper alignment and reduces pain by improving the physical mobility of the patient. The aim is to develop the range and quality of bodily movements.

A trained and professional chiropractor may recommend treatment that includes electrical stimulation, exercises, relaxation techniques, dietary supplements, etc.

How does Vertigo Chiropractic Manipulation work?

Vertigo Chiropractic Manipulation works by removing the injuries of the upper neck or the upper cervical spine. It involves a clinical examination of the spine and the upper neck, followed by computerized thermal scans of the spine to evaluate any neurological irritation.

The next steps of the process include particular adjustments by trained professionals to properly align the vertebrae in the upper neck. In cases where trauma has caused the upper cervical spine to be misaligned, Vertigo Chiropractic Manipulation has rectified the condition of the upper cervical spine and reduced the symptoms effectively.

What are the different techniques of Vertigo Chiropractic Manipulation?

Generally, there are two techniques of Vertigo Chiropractic Manipulation.

The initial and most common method is the chiropractic adjustment. It improves the functionality of the overall nervous system. It adjusts the spine and improves communication between the brain and the human body parts, which includes the entire immune system, lymph, and the ear.

If the patient has a problem with the inner ear, a restructuring technique known as ‘The Epley Maneuver’ might prove to be useful. This is a relatively simpler process and can be implemented easily. It requires the repositioning of all the bony particles to their specific places in the inner ear.

This helps in the recalibration of the different components of the inner ear. Based on the patient’s condition and severity of the issue, chiropractors may also prescribe a few exercises targeting the inner ear.

Vertigo chiropractic manipulation is an effective method to get rid of vertigo problems. The diagnosis and treatment depend on the symptoms of particular patients. A chiropractic adjustment is one of the viable options to treat vertigo. Vertigo chiropractic manipulation is very effective for the human body. It is non-evasive and genuinely supports the body to heal on its own.


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