Eligibility Criteria To Become A Stem Cell Donor

Donating stem cells is definitely a great work that you can do. Life is precious and if your stem cells can save even one life, it can be a proud moment for you. Be it is your loved ones or anyone else, donating stem cells to the patients suffering from chronic blood cell degenerative diseases can save their lives. But to become one of the stem cell donors, you need to make sure that you fit into all those criteria that are essential. If you are interested in becoming a stem cell donor, then here is the detailed information about all the criteria that you will need to know.

Criteria for being a stem cell donor

  1. Age factor

The most important criterion that comes first is the age. Of course, too young or too old people are not allowed to donate their stem cells. The allowed age bar to donate stem cells is between 18 and 55. But most of the time doctors don’t recommend people above 50 to donate. In general, the generation of the stem cells can be hindered due to the growing age. Hence, it is not recommended for the people above 50 to be a stem cell donor. Though you are not allowed to donate stem cells before you turn 18, you can register your name by the time you are 17.

  1. Healthy person

A general good health is essential when it comes to donation of the stem cells. You cannot donate the stem cells if you are suffering from some chronic diseases or any infectious diseases. This can transmit the disease through the cells to the patient causing more harm to him/her. Hence, some of the medical tests are done on you to confirm that you don’t have any underlying infections or chronic diseases that can cause health hazards to the donor or the patient.

  1. Must have a perfect weight

Another criterion that the stem cell donor must have is to maintain the perfect weight. Underweight or overweight (obesity) are not a good healthy sign. Generally, doctors do not recommend taking stem cells from the donors who are underweight in nature. Even, they will have a problem with an obese donor. The final decision is always taken by the doctors.

  1. No central nervous system illness

Another factor that is considered when you apply for being a stem cell donor is the health of your central nervous system. This system comprises of your neurological system, including brain, spinal cord and nerves. If you do not have any kind of severe illnesses of the central nervous system, then you are perfect to become a stem cell donor.


These are the main criteria that determine whether or not you are eligible to become a stem cell donor. Though the age can be determined by you, the rest will be determined and confirmed by a healthcare professional. For that, you need to go through some medical tests. Also, the healthcare professional can ask you about the medical history of you and your family to get more insight on your health conditions.

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